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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Yeah. This journal has now become more or less my "secret" journal. Or basically stuff that I don't want my friends that hang with me a lot to know. This is my site for my emotions and feelings...or other stuff I wanna say...but don't want them to read! So yeah. But what did I wanna post about? So yeah. Today Matt, Adam, Scott, and Andrea came over to my house. That was pretty fun! Andrea had to take Matt home at 10 (she came back) but before they left we straightened the guys hair! LoL! It was waaaay funny! LoL...not a good look at all. Then I found out Matt is going to Bonanza next year (tears!) and about his surgery (sooo sad!) and yeah. But then when Scott, Adam, and Andrea left things started to happen. So I told Scott and Adam that if they kissed Andrea and I would kiss?!? I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I thought they wouldn't do it?!? So then they did and then Andrea and I had to kiss!!!! Long story short...we did! LoL! Then we were talking about how I wouldn't kiss Nick and Adam was like, "You'd kiss me though right?" And then I was like, "Yeah, sure, you're not gross!" LoL! Then he was like, "No, Scott would be mad at me for days!" (I've kinda sorta got something going on with Scott and he has a girlfriend!) And so then I was like, "Wanna see?" And so then he's like, "Scott, you swear you won't get mad?" And he's like, "No, I won't get mad." So then Adam and I kissed?!? LoL! I'm very confused! I just kissed three people in one of them was a chick and I wasn't drunk?!? How does this work?!?! Oh well. Not enough time to worry about it.
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Saturday, July 26, 2003

I know I haven't posted in awhile. But yeah. I am quite angry at the moment. No one really reads this. And I don't really care if people know the reason why I'm angry because it is justifiable that I am angry. So yeah. So last night (I wasn't in a good mood to begin with, keep in mind) after a series of bad things that had happened to me (not even going into it) I figured that maybe dinner at IHOP (bad things just seem to happen there...right Andy?) with friends would help things. Well, after I was 5 minutes into dinner, clearly things were not going well. I was seriously just pissed because people should no not to fuck with me when I'm angry. So I was messing with my phone and crap which was pissing Scott off? Oh well. Like I fucking care. But so yeah. Anywayz...after dinner everyone decided to come to my house and yeah. That was not a good idea at all. The plan was that we all go swimming and hang out and stuff. So yeah. We did that and then Scott went to go pick up his sister from work; that's when things started getting messy. So Scott calls me 10 minutes later and his sister hijacked his car and left everyone (Scott was driving Tim, Willie, and Andrea that night) at my house. So we called 2801058306840680 people trying to get them a ride and no one could do it. So I called Scott back to pick him up (he'd left everything at my house) and figured that if I was taking everyone home, I don't know where they live all that well (and I suck with directions) but I know how to get home from his house. So it's 11:45ish when all this is happening. So yeah. My parents come home at midnight and everyone is still there and the house is a mess. So basically they bitched at me in front of everyone. (Oh just gets 10805050590 times worse.) So at 12:30 that whole argument is done with and I am taking everyone home we can't find Willie or Tim. So we drive around my whole neighborhood for like 20 minutes. When we saw someone standing outside their house we asked them if they'd seen them and they said that they saw them and they said that they saw them walking out the front gate. (At this point, my mom, who's already sworn that the rest of my summer is nonexistent is out looking for them too and I am cursing like a sailor and ready to hit something) So we decided to go down Town Center. Well...they had gotten past Nate's church when we finally caught up with them and I just slammed on the horn. And when they got in the car and we were all pissed they acted like it was no big deal (it's now 1am) and that I was being a bitch. So I just start screaming and I was like swinging at Tim. Grand finale...I start driving and I almost hit a car because I was paying that little attention. So everyone is begging me to pull over and I'm bawling out of anger and everyone is screaming at everyone. So we pull over and turn on the cautions and Andrea and Scott basically bitched out Tim and Willie for 20 minutes. Then we start driving everyone home and it was just completely silent the entire ride home. I don't want to see either of those two ever again. Now, I'm guessing none of this sounds like it's reason to get angry. But I guess that I don't know...they just made a bad situation worse and because of them, my social life is over and all I get is rolled eyes and not even an apology. Like I am seriously furious. And yeah. Like why would they do that to me? And what the hell was running through their minds? Willie lives 20 miles from my house. Seriously. What were they thinking? It pisses me off so much that they don't understand their actions affect others and that their whole reason for doing that was just to piss us off? That's what they said. Why would you do that to someone? But they have been bitched me, they got it worse than I've ever seen. And I got a few hits in on Tim before Scott pulled me off him. But yeah. I am soooo angry right now that yeah. I just can't talk about it anymore.
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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

So today I started working at Paradiso in the construction trailer and it is the most fun job ever!! I stayed after for 45 min today because I just didn't want to leave! I was having so much fun. So when I went there I got to walk models and inspect them. Fun, fun. Like seriously, everything I had to point out was nit-picky stuff like caulk the crown seam and touch up the paint on the base molding. LoL, so if I go to your house and I'm like, "Yeah, your crown seam isn't caulked properly!" you aren't allowed to get mad at me! That's what I'll have been doing all day! But it's kinda cool, because like when I purchase a home one day I'm going to know all this stuff and be picky! Mwuahahaha! LoL!

So yeah...then Deron, Brandon, and I went to lunch! We got Samurai Sam's and it was really yummy! Then when we came back to the trailer Gabe and a couple of others had showed up (all the new hires/interns had a meeting to go to and the trailer is 75% new hires and interns) and so Brandon's like, "Let's fuck with Steph!" Steph is one of our new construction coordinators and she's like a sweetheart and a half...but she can dish it out too! She's pretty thick skinned. So yeah, so Brandon calls her and Gabe has informed us that she's at Claim Jumper getting lunch. So Brandon is like, "Steph, you fucked up this whole JOI, I've been at your desk trying to sort out this shit for hours now. And you know what, where are you? Your meeting got out at noon, Gabe's already back, he picked up McDonald's and came back to the trailer." So Steph is like freaking out and she is like, "Brandon, what did I do wrong? I talked to Joe and John this morning and ran it through them twice." And Brandon's like, "You know what where are you? Claim Jumper? I'm going to bring it up to you because I can't sort out this shit anymore." And Steph's like, "Fine Brandon, I'm going to come back. I won't get lunch, I'm coming back." And Brandon's like, "No, I taught you how to do it, I can sort out your shit." And Steph's like, "Fine, I'm coming back!" And she hangs up the phone. So then Brandon is like, "She might actually come back...I'll call her and tell her she didn't make a mistake." And so he calls her, and he's like, "Steph...I was just messing with you!" And she's like, "I didn't make a mistake did I!!! FUCK YOU, BRANDON, YOU ASSHOLE!!!!" And so then when she came back she goes into Brandon's office and she's like, "YOU ARE THE BIGGEST FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!" It was soooo funny!! Then she found out Gabe, Dugie, and I were all in Brandon's office and she was on speaker phone, so she freaked out on us too!

Then Brandon and I decided it would be fun to fuck with Deron. Okay, at Paradiso there are two trailers. There's 4 Pulte communities up there and so the two trailers are kind of in the middle of all four. So Paradiso has one trailer to themselves (because there's like twice as many of us) and Sage Hill, Summerfield, and Hillstone share the other one. The Paradiso trailer is the taj mahal of trailers. It's really nice there's like five nice size offices and a huge middle area with a fooseball table in it. We have our mascot (a deer trophy that Brandon hunted) and yeah, it's just awsome. The other trailer doesn't have power. So Deron had his radio hooked up from our trailer with an extension cord. So Brandon and I decide to go and unplug it and count how many seconds it takes until Deron answers us. So yeah, five seconds later, Deron is all, "BRANDON FUCKING LAUGHTER!!!! FUCKING PUT MY MUSIC BACK ON!!! FUCK YOU!!! I SEE YOU AND SARAH LAUGHING IN THERE!!!" Lmao!! It was great fun!! Awww!! And Gabe's seriously a sweetheart!! I've met him like four times now. I told him I was stalking him and he's like, "Hey that's cool!" LoL! Everyone has nicknames now...Gabe is Dude, Brandon is Daddy, I'm New Girl, Dave is Dugie...Steph doesn't have one yet. LoL! It's great fun!! But I can seriously tell that I have been in a construction trailer too long because "fuck" is not a word's a comma. I've said it like 50 times today and I've heard it about 500 times! LoL! Bad construction workers, bad!

But tomorrow I have to get out at the houses I walked today with the painters (read: Mexican labor) and I have to show them where to touch up. I have taken 3 years of Spanish but I couldn't carry on a conversation yet. So I think I'm just going to point to where there needs to be a touch up and move my hand like I'm painting. LoL, "El fucking-o paint-o this-o!" (The Nat Hodgson Crash Course in Spanish!) But yeah! I love the trailer, it's way fun!! We made fun of the Sherminator too!! LMAO!! His picture was soooo funny!! And I gave Nat "presents" lol, pictures of the 4th!! But yeah. I am done typing. It was a fun day.

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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Wow! There's a lot to write! The last week has basically been a combination of work and parties!!! Let's start on Monday!!!

MONDAY- Well, I worked from 8-1 and then after work I went to visit my friendly neighborhood Scott. We went to Fazoli's and ate lunch and we had fun!! I met his mommy too!! She's waaaay cute!! And yeah...then I went to my house and later we went to the Whatley's for a party!! Scott came over and he and my cousin threw each other in the pool!! And then they decided it'd be real cute if they came and showered me with hugs! But uhm yeah...then we all played euker and the boys won because they went alone twice!! So not fair!!!

TUESDAY!- I went to work again and got a bunch of stuff done! And then after work I went to go see my Scott! LoL! Then I went back to my house and I went to the party at the Whatley's (Scott didn't come) but I met a completely hott boy from Washington and he's going camping with us in two I'm thinking I'll try to get with that. But yeah...!!! Matt and I got like waaaay bored so we went to gas up my car. Then we came back and played euker! My little baby Hayley was sitting on my lap the whole time!! Awww, she's so way cute!!!

WEDNESDAY- I went to work and then I went straight home to mi casa and kinda did nothing the rest of the day...but then that night my little sister had her show at school so we all went to go see that. Then I came home and did nothing!

THURSDAY- I went to work and did a bunch of nothing. Seriously, I think that I got paid just to show up that day. And yeah, like all that I really did was go get people lunch from like 208938560 different places and I dropped off a cellphone and I addressed some envelopes. I only actually worked for like maybe an hour...closer to 45 min. But you know what? I still got paid $8.50 an hour to do nothing! After work I went home to drop stuff off and then I went down to the Jock Shop to get my Letterman's Jacket and then I went to Kroakie's to pick up my CD's. Right after that I went to my voice lesson and then I came home and I slept! Then Nick, Scott, Tim, and Mackie came over and we all went to the party again! Then at about 10 we went back to my house and watched Family Guy and ate popsicles!! Fun stuff!!!

FRIDAY- The 4th of July! I didn't have to work but I had to wake up un-Godly early! We went to the parade and rode the float! Tim, Mackie, and Scott showed up to hang out with me and ride the float!! They didn't go to sleep?!?! Like they left my house and went back to Scott's and stayed up all night!! I was like, "WHY?!?!?!" But yeah, we rode in the parade and it was loads of fun!! The chick from Lizzie McGuire was there, not Lizzie, but the other one, Miranda, and yeah, so Tim, Mackie, Scott, Matt, and I went over to bother her!! LoL! We got a picture of Timmy, her, and me!! LoL! Star struck much? But yeah, Leanne (one of the people I work with) was enjoying hanging out with the teens!! LoL, "you are all whores!" And then we played a game that like someone starts the story and you have to come up with the next line and it has to rhyme, so this is what we got. "There once was a boy with a flag, he was a fag, he drove his dad's Jag, he had jet-lag, his wife's boobs did sag, he liked to play tag, his mom was a nag, he had the plague, he pissed off the mafia and they put him in a body bag!" LoL! So yeah, the parade was waaaay fun!! After the parade I took Tim, Mackie, and Scott back to Scott's house (Scott didn't have a car) and Matt and I went back to our house! I slept for about 1/2 an hour and then we all went to see T3!! It was really good, but the ending sucked! But overall, I liked it!! And yeah! After the movie we all went down to the Ball's house for a party. But then Scott called me up and asked if I wanted to do something so I left and Scott, Tim, Mackie, and I went to Marie Callendar's and got STRAWBERRY PIE!! (LoL, 1/2 a pie is still sitting in my fridge!) We got done there at about 9:30 so we went back to my house because we had nothing better to do!! We just chilled out, playing ping-pong, singing karaoke, watching fireworks, playing comp games, and watching comedy videos until I about passed out in the middle of the floor! LoL, I had a pillow and blanket and was just lying there and Scott's like, "well, you're falling asleep, so we're going to leave!" LoL! So yeah, they left at about midnight-thirty and I went to sleep!! It was fun!!!

Tonite I'm going to see my baby Ava!! I'm spending the night at their house because it's Kelly's b-day and Dino's taking her to a hotel! So I'm baby-sitting alllllll night!!! But I'll make bank so it's cool! Well, that's my little abbreviated update! I'll write more later, after my marathon morning tomorrow! I am like waaay busy, I just realized.
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Sunday, June 29, 2003

Hey there...well, last night was loads of fun! Nick, Willie, and Scott came over and then Andrea came over a little bit later!!! We messed around in the driveway for most of the night! Willie was like jumping my stairs with scooters, skateboards, little girls' bikes...and then we did street luge with the skateboard and skeleton with a red wagon!!! LoL! Then I went inside with Scott to get everyone juice because they requested it?!?! And then yeah, I came outside and Nick was in the middle of the street without his shirt on and he had the hose on and was screaming, "Come wash my back!!" That was the most horrifying scene ever!!! I do not wish it on my worst enemy!! LoL! I was like, "OMG!!! I WAS GONE FOR TWO MINUTES AND YOU ALL HAVE THE HOSE ON!!!" I was soooo mad at them!! And so then Nick put his shirt back on and decided to roll down the driveway?!?! And then his shirt (and whole body!) was black from the pavement! And then yeah...Andrea came and then the fun started! They decided to teach me how to punch and so for practice I got to hit Nick in the jaw! And then Andrea got mad at Nick and so she threw a rock at him and it hit his glasses and put a little dent in them! LoL! And then hhmmm!! We took a picture of us doing "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" and then we had one of Mumford with his hands over his dick and a scared look on his face and we decided that that one was "do no evil." LoL! And then hhmmm...what else did we do?!? Oh yeah, Willie drove Scott's car. But we were like soooo close to other cars!! Like I stuck my hand out the window and I could touch them! And yeah!!

Today I sang at church and it went really well...and I just got back from the Willows Pool/getting my pictures developed!! So yeah...tomorrow starts the 4 day long if you're feeling bored, stop by my house and party!! Love ya bunchies!! Love, S!
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Saturday, June 28, 2003

I just got a new cell phone and man is it slick!! It's one of the new verizon ones!! And my ring tone is "queen of the night aria"!!! Pretty cool! And I have text messaging...only I can send them but I can't receive them!?!? That's being taken care of!! But I think I'm going to mess with Scott and text him and say that I'm the chick that's stalking him, just to see what happens!! LoL! But shhh!! No one tell him!
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Friday, June 27, 2003

So yeah! Today was my first day at work. I'm working kinda as a secretary for Leigh Ann! I got a lunch break, so I'm happy. But yeah...basically nothing happened...except I saw a crapload of people. And then I'm baby-sitting tonite and maybe tomorrow I'll con my mom into taking me clothes shopping!?! We'll see what happens. Haven't talked to Scott today...I sorta miss him, I guess.. Idaknow...for some reason it justs feels like fooling around with him is not the best idea...because we don't really have romantic feelings for each other per se... But like, it's nice to have someone there when I just want to randomly make-out...and we're good friends and I don't think anything/anyone can change that. But I just feel like this decision is going to bite me in the ass. But it's like my cousin said, "It doesn't matter if no one else knows what's going on, as long as you two do. Because you guys are the only people who need to know what's going on and that's it." Good words of advice I suppose. But I need to take a shower because I feel kinda gross. And I need to practice church music and possibly tan?!? But I don't want to go upstairs because my mom is on a cleaning mission and I definitely do not want to become a part of that. Later my lovelies!
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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Oooh!! They made it new...well, blogger that is! Anywayz...I am like up kinda I figured I would write! Last night Andrea, Nick, and Scott came over and stayed until 11. LoL, it was like "clean out the pantry time"...Andrea took all the Kettle Corn (we don't like it!) and then we ate about 1/2 of the remaining cheesecake squares...and they had most of the SunnyD and rice crispy treats. LoL! Yeah...I guess we didn't do much...just hung out and talked. I'm really started to trust Scott...and I'm still wondering whether or not I should!?! Idaknow...he hasn't given me any reason not to trust I guess that I should... But I just can't help being insecure because it seems as though whenever I've given my trust fully to someone they break it. There's only three people who I've told deep, dark secrets to that haven't let the whole world know...and that's Nicole, Andy, and Chuck. I know there's more people who haven't broken my trust...but I haven't given it fully to it doesn't count??!!? Idaknow. I'm just confoosed. I don't wanna be hurt and stuff. Oh well...I guess that time will tell. Later.
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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Well, I guess that it is time for a post in which I actually write! :-) Last weekend was spent in Scottsdale/Phoenix. It was an amazing weekend! We all flew up there on Saturday morning and when we got to the airport a limo was waiting for us! (It was bigger than the limo we'd taken to prom!) And it took us to The Phoenician Hotel. Anywayz, we get there and the front desk decides it'd be real cute if when we got there are rooms weren't ready! Well, since we had taken all carry-on's, Mom suggested that we just make the best of the situation and change into our swimsuits and take advantage of the pool! So we went down to the spa's locker room and changed there and got lockers to put all of our bags in. Oh my gosh!! In the locker room there was a jacuzzi!!!! I walked in and I'm like, "Oh my gosh, pool!" LoL! So yeah, we went down to the pool and had loads of fun (sorry, not to much to say about a pool now is there?) and THREE HOURS LATER we got a call from the front desk saying our room was ready. So Dad, Joey, Matt, Molly, and Rachel headed up to the room while Mom, Leah, and I went down to the locker room to retrieve our things. Well, we get up to the floor that our room is on and as we're walking Mom's cell phone rings and Dad tells her that we're moving. Apparently, the lady who was in the adjoining room that we were supposed to be in refused to move rooms, when she wasn't supposed to be in the room in the first place. Yeah, so you can imagine that we were all a little pissed, especially when it was 4:30 and we were supposed to be at the ballpark by 5:30. But the good news was...the only room they had available for a group our size was (get this!) THE PRESIDENTIAL SUITE! So we were all just going insane because of our future room!! As we walked to the room (we had to go to a whole other building to get to it!) the bellhop was telling us how Celine Dion and the Dixie Chicks had stayed in the room. He also told us how the room had a jacuzzi on the balcany!! So we finally get to the door and when we opened it, it was like, "Oh my God!" As you looked in you saw a Steinway piano and then when you looked to your right you saw a couch, a big screen TV, two armchairs, and a good size coffee table. Then as you look to your left there is a full-size dining room table (it seated 10) and a china cabinet. We were all running around the room like it was Christmas or something and yeah, there were two bedrooms with king-size beds, a sitting room, three showers, three bath-tubs, three toilets, a kitchen with a full-size (and fully stocked!) fridge, a microwave, an oven, a firepit on the main balcany (there were 4 balconies), and tons of room!!! It was sooooo amazing!!! I have never ever seen a hotel room that nice ever!!! I've never even stayed in a hotel that nice!! So yeah, we all got ready to go to the baseball game at BOB. When we got there we met our Uncle Ed!! It was sooo good to see him again! I hadn't since Christmas! But yeah, we went up to our seats (we were in Suite 50) and yeah...when we got to the box, there was tons of food (hot dogs, chips, popcorn, cashews, peanuts, and chicken tenders!) waiting for us! Uncle Ed showed us where he usually sat at games (he's a sportswriter for an AZ newspaper) and we watched them open the top of the stadium! (It was pretty cool!) Yeah, so the game was actually really exciting, we all had soooo much fun! We were shouting to Ken Griffey Jr. "STOP SCRATCHING YOURSELF!" And we were doing everything we could think of to get on the big screen TV. (Nothing worked!) And yeah, then when the dessert tray came around Matt and I split a piece of Snickers pie!!>/p>

Okay, day 2! We woke up pretty early (which was amazing since we'd stayed up pretty late determined to enjoy the room we only had for a night!) and we went to go see my dad's office and his house!! The office was huge. It's much bigger than the Vegas offices...but that makes sense because there's more employees in AZ. But dad has a really nice office and there's a bathroom in it. That is just sickening that people have enough money to put a private toilet in an executive office...but it works for my dad. Yeah. But that was the office. It was pretty boring, as offices usually are. My sisters and I resorted to "Trick or Treating" between all the candy dishes set out on desks. Then we went to my dad's house/apartment. It's actually more of a condo, but you know... We walked in and it was really nice! He has two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a TV room. He has a little porch too. It's really nice, considering he's the only one living in it. But that was all there was so that... So yeah, we left Sunday afternoon at about three... We had a nice little flight back to Vegas and all is well.

Yesterday, I went to do my drug testing for work. It took me forever!!! And I was waiting to pee in a cup!!! But yeah, that was just fun!! And then last night I had to baby-sit (like completely out of nowhere!) and yeah. But I made $45, so I'm happy!! I have like $70 right now. But anywayz, I'm going to get m brother from summer school...awwww...summer school. Which reminds me, I need to write McBride!! Well, peace out!! TTYL!
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Monday, June 23, 2003

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Friday, June 20, 2003

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Hhmmm...I'm not sure what to write?!? I've been making my scrapbook (what else?) all morning...and I need a bigger book!!! So I'm off to buy one of those big ass binders to put it all in!! And I found some funny pictures that need to be used!! LoL, the time when Andrea and I drove Adam Thomas's car!! That was fun!! I'm listening to Celine Dion's "At Last" (well, actually it was originally Etta James...but that's okay) and I like it much!! My cousin's been fun to have here...but he threw me in the pool last night!!! That was so not even nice. Scott said that he was e-mailing me some pictures...but I never got them?!!? Maybe I'm doing something wrong?!? Idaknow...but yeah...I really wanted to see them!! (Cuz I'm psycho about pictures!) So yeah, I was all looking forward to seeing them and then they aren't there?!?! Oh well. What to do!?!? OOhhh!! I had Krispy Kreme for breakfast this morning!! I had THREE doughnuts!!! So I'll be pretty hyper later!! And I've been driving around my mommy's's a nice makes me happy!!! It goes fast!! YAY!!!! Everyone be scared, 17 year old girl in a fast car!! :-P
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Birthday Bear
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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Yesterday I went to Andy's work to go see him!! He gave me so many way cute pictures of all of them at prom. Chelsea's dress was soooo gorgeous!! I want to wear something like that for HC next year!! I almost wore that color to prom this year! Yeah, and Ben works where Andy I was like, "Whoa!! It's Ben!" LoL! Yeah!! I wanted to jack some of Andy's other pictures because they were like way cute!

At about 8, our whole little group headed to (where else?) IHOP!! We had soooo much fun that time!! Everyone loved my cousin, thought he was way cool!! And I brought like the "Book-O-Pictures" to show to Andrea!! Zach waited on us!! We love Zach!! If you ever go to IHOP, request to be seated in Zach's section!!! He's way cool! So yeah, I took "IHOP Pictures" last night! Brett showed up too! I haven't seen him since I was going out with Nate (Brett's the youth leader at Nate's dad's church) yeah, apparently Andrea and Mumford had been working at the church before going to IHOP and so they invited him along. Another thing that happened was everyone made fun of me for ordering Banana Nut Pancakes. URGH!!! And we talked about Bob too...that was funny!!! Scott came over to my house after dinner. He stayed until midnight and we watched "Catch Me If You Can" times!! LoL! I g2g get my mommy's car now!!! Later!! Oh yeah, party at my house today!!! FUN!
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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Hhhmmm!!! On Monday Scott took me out to lunch. We went to Pick Up Stix!!! It was really good!! Yeah, so when we got there the "order boy" as I called him was like totally hitting on me. It was sooo funny!!! So then when he came over to give us our food he like made some comment like, "Here's your silverware...only it isn't silver, it's black." And so I started laughing because he just said it like sooooo over-the-top nerd-ish and he gave me like this really funny like "Do you think I'm hot?" look!!! So I was just cracking up. So then Scott started laughing because I was laughing! LoL! He says that I'm animated/have a lot of facial expression when I talk and that he likes that. LoL, I just think I'm a huge dork. And yeah...he thinks I'm "gorgeous." Awww!! So yeah. After lunch we went to his house and we watched SpongeBob!!! I was like all happy!!! We saw a snail explode though, so we were happy! And then he took me home...then he called me at like 8 and we talked until midnight-thirty. Awww, he's a sweety. Yesterday I got my hair cut and it's really short...well, really short for me, but it's not that short. It would still be considered like medium length. I hated it at first, but now I'm really loving it. Scott is going to hate it. But he'll get over it. People like my long hair. Manda told me that when I cut it I had to make a wig for her!! LoL! I finally cut it though! I have like this quest to be tan I think that the rest of the day I'm going to tan because later I'm going out with all my that they can meet my cousin. Oh my gosh, guess what?!? We are down to one car for three of us!!! My car's in the shop (my fans are being gay, they come on and off whenever they like, plus I need an oil change) and my mom's car is in the shop (she broke a fender), and then the Denali which is with my cousin. So my mom and I are both using my dad's car. My car is going to be done by 11:30 and my mom's car should be done sometime today. Geez, this car shortage is driving me crazy!!! Oh well...I'll deal. Plus, all my friends drive, so it's not like I can't get a ride. Scott would pick me up any time!! LoL! Scott is going to have a pool party!!!! Yippeee!!! LoL!!! (No one gets it but me...that's funny!)
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Monday, June 16, 2003

Okay...well...yesterday was special because it was Father's Day, I sang at mass, and Matt came into town. Some stuff that kinda pissed me off has been happening lately too...but I don't even want to go into it...because it just really hurts me and I don't feel like I could talk about it. So we'll focus on the good. I sang at mass at noon and it was really nice. It sounded really good...only my mike wasn't up enough. The only thing that pissed me off was that Blake was there. Blake is Nate's best friend...ever since Nate and I broke up, Blake has decided that I'm an evil bitch and he hates me?!? Well, whatever's up with that I don't know...but yeah. So he was there and sitting directly behind me, so I could see him and he basically sat and laughed at me the whole time. Doesn't bother me per se, just is really annoying to have people judging you constantly. Matt, my 20 year old cousin, came into town yesterday too. I went and picked him up at the airport and it was fun to have him here. He is driving my car, which kinda makes me mad...but I love him to I'm not caring as much. He played euker with us last night and was surprised that we knew how to play because it's a "midwest game." But yeah. That's all I have to say because everything else in my life is making me upset. And I really just want to be happy.
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